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23 Thornden, Cowfold
Horsham, RH13 8AG, England

Tel: +44 1403 865435   •   Voipfone: 30208019

E1 Tram Kit

London Transport  E/1

High quality two-sheet etched brass fret of body parts plus the items shown below.
Please be aware that a wooden roof is not supplied.

M and G Max Traction without plough carrier
Motorised Truck Set C5 - M and G Max Traction without plough carrier

Whitemetal Castings Whitemetal Castings - Stairs, Fog & Headlamps, Controllers, Handbrakes, Ticket & Indicator Boxes, Plough Carriers with Plough, Roof Domes, Circuit Breakers, Lower Deck Transverse Seats and London Transport transfers.

London Transport  E/1 Drawing
7mm Scale Drawing - The Modeller's essential aid!
The drawing shown is not to the scale provided and has additional elevations.

Tram Advertisments for LT E/1
Adverts & Graphics Pack - High photo-quality full colour A4 sheet with Side & Corner adverts; Route Boards; Posters; Destination Box & Route Number prints; Used Ticket Labels and Registration Disc. Image shown above is not to the scale provided.

Working Swivel Head Trolley Pole - Sprung pole with swivel head suitable for 0.3mm overhead wire. See tram parts page.

TOTAL KIT PRICE [inc P&P] from November 2017 £328.00 or £344.00 if two trolley poles desired.
If paying by PayPal the price is £347.50 or £364.50 if two trolley poles desired.

About London Transport E1

London Transport E1

In 1933 the whole of the greater London area [excluding main line railways] came under a single transport body - London Passenger Transport Board [LPTB]. Consequently all existing trams were repainted in a new corporate livery that was similar to the final LCC except that the red was brighter and the only lining was yellow on the dash and black elsewhere on the red. The fleet number style was updated and "London Transport" appeared in gold outlined black on the lower deck sides.

Three years later 154 cars of this class were substantially modernised with better lighting and outside the sides were flush panelled. The indicators [route and service number] were recessed into the body fronts. These cars still had open driver's platforms but were soon to be fitted with wooden screens. The E/1 cars continued in service until around 1950 by which time the conversion of tram routes to bus operation saw a surplus of the newer c1930 cars built for the council services of Croydon, Walthamstow, West Ham, East Ham being available that enabled the scrapping of older E/1s.

Of the 1,000 or so E/1 class cars built, only two survive to the present day; 1622 which is working example at he National Tramway Museum at Crich in Derbyshire and 1025 which is a static exhibit to be found in the LT Collection.

Our picture shows car 1395 at a "change pit" where the changeover from power drawn from the 'conduit' using a plough, to a trolley pole connecting to the overhead wire took place. There were 22 of these change pits on the periphery of the LCC area for within their boundary the use of overhead wires was not permitted. Conduit current collection was very much more expensive to install, and often trouble-prone in operation, so as soon as the tramway routing left the restrictive zone, the switch to overhead operation was made.