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UK Customers - To order any of the items from my web site simply download and print the Order Form - fill it in with all relevant details then send it off to the address shown on the form together with your cheque or you can safely and securely pay with PayPal. The PayPal system is also the vehicle for credit card payments.

Non-UK Customers wishing to order items should first contact Terry Russell by for the amount to pay to cover postal and packing. If you can't use my email hyperlink there is a web based form to use instead.

PayPal is regularly used by my customers in conjunction with a simple email to order the goods desired. It is, however, strongly recommended that you use my Order Form as a basis to work out the total sum due so you don't overlook additional sums for P&P and PayPal even though it is not intended to send the form through the post. To send funds to me just click on the 'Pay Now' button.

Delivery of your Order - Stock items are usually despatch within a few days but generally items are built/made to order; or maybe a drawing has been requested to a specific scale and therefore the requested items will take somewhat longer to process. Even when 'ready to go' an 18 mile round trip to the Post Office is necessary which has to be combined with another need to travel to town. So please allow up to four weeks to receive your order. Urgent items considered at a premium rate, please enquire about this service.

London Bus Type RTLMy site showcases Tram Kits, Tram Parts, Trucks & Bogies, Overhead & Accessories, in fact everything the modeller needs for 7mm scale model trams and tramways, backed up with advice and help for you to achieve your goals. The continued presence of this site and the availability of parts and kits relies upon a regular stream of orders and indeed feedback on how you are getting along.

Now is the time to express an interest in kits that could be available or to send pictures of models that you have built using parts that I have supplied. Better still would be to print off my Order Form and pop it into the post with your requirements for your next project. I eagerly wait to hear from you!

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