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Tramway Videos found on the Web
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You Tube content on Terry Russell Trams A selection of video clips found on 'You Tube' and other sources which may be of interest to visitors to this site. Terry Russell neither endorses nor is responsible for the content of external video clips which may be replaced with content unsuitable for this site.

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Recently added Football at Maine Road and Ancoats Parade [1935/6]
The last 30 seconds or so of this film clip contains some very rare shots of Manchester trams.

Trams and Tram Museum [1964]
A story about a bus conductor whose hobby is making model trams, we also see life size running trams in the museum at Crich.

Various shots of Victor Whitbread as he makes his models and runs them around a track in his garden. We then see various shots of a tram running at the museum, men dig up the tracks at the side and repair them. Various shots of volunteers at work repairing seats, painting and polishing.

Eric Thornton's Tramway
Peter Thornton writes: "My father was meticulous in his model making. The trolley reverses intrigued everyone. Though as you can see in the video, they didn't work every time. We still have the two controllers but to us, his family, they are unique and priceless."

Rheinberger Strassenbahn Betriebe 2013
The Rheinberger Strassenbahn Betriebe is an H0 tram layout built in a confined space. With 50 trams available to run against a backdrop of excellent scenery and natural sounds, it creates an awe inspiring atmosphere that makes you believe you could almost board anyone of the trams in service!

You will see that the overhead is nice and clean compared to many other layouts. It's a pleasure to see lots of excellent modelling in such a confined space with trams from just about every country you can think of. An inspiration for other modellers to take note of......

Beamish Open Air Museum 40th Anniversary weekend - 6th April 2013
This large park near Newcastle in the North East of England is like an "Industrial Disneyland" - preserving many aspects of life at the beginning of last century. One of the main attractions, as well as being the principal form of transport around the site, is the tramway which forms an interesting circuit. This video traces the line from the entrance stop clockwise round the Museum.

London 1927 - London 2010
In 1927, pioneering filmmaker Claude Friese-Greene produced "The Open Road", a journey through Britain filmed with a specially-devised colour film process. A remarkable film that has been computer enhanced by the British Film Institute.

This video is an attempt to recreate the London scenes from the film as they appear in 2010. There are plenty of buses to be seen, mostly Ks, Ss and NSs with a few independent Dennis' thrown in and a nice shot of an LCC tram in the chocolate and cream livery.

Highlight has got to be the full frontal shot of NS 92 behind the bobby controlling traffic. One of the NSs crossing the Thames had a covered top, many of which were entering service at the time while the older bodies were being retrospectively fitted at Chiswick during their annual overhauls.

Underground Pioneer - A Fred Ivey Film
A Fred Ivey film of the London Underground 150 steam train that ran with Met No.1 steam locomotive, a milk van, coach 353 recently restored at the Ffestiniog Railway, the Bluebell Railway's Chesham set of four "Ashbury" coaches and Met electric locomotive No.12 "Sarah Siddons".

"A ride over Westminster Bridge".   London c1935.
A cyclist battles his way across Westminster Bridge giving us a glimpse of trams in their heyday.

The elephant will never forget [1952]
A nostalgic look back at London's last tram.

Sealane Tramway
A 7mm tramway depicting a 1950 representation of the seafront tramway between Roker and Seaburn in Sunderland. All these cars run on trucks and accessories supplied by Terry Russell Trams.

Sealane Tramway March 2009
A 1953 representational view of the sea front tramway in 7mm ['O' gauge] model form at Roker and Seaburn in Sunderland. All these cars run on trucks and accessories supplied by Terry Russell Trams.

LT Museum Acton Depot - Model Trams
Model trams at London Transport Museum's Acton Depot Open Weekend in March 2008

Manchester Model Tram Show 2008
Model trams at Manchester transport museum July 2008.

Festival of Model Tramways 2009
Held in London. A glimpse of Terry Russell can be observed.

Kingsway Tram Subway
In 4mm:1ft [OO] scale, seen at Trainwest 2007. Down the 1-in-10 gradient of the Southampton Row entrance you can see Holborn station in the distance, rather closer than scale!

Garden Tramway in Glastonbury
A British Pathe Preview film of ¾" to 1'-0" garden tramway.

Siege Street
'N' Gauge Model Trams

London Trams - Leytonstone 1938
MrSRedburn writes "This film was shot by my father in Leytonstone in [what is now] East London in 1938. In those days I think it was outside the London County Council and was regarded as being in Essex. The film was 8mm Kodachrome 'I' and the camera was clockwork Keystone Camera. My father could buy this from a dealer he knew for about the same prices as the same number of minutes of 9.5 black and white, which was the common UK amateur film of the time. It cost about a weeks wages and was sent back to California to be processed.

Kodachrome had only been on sale for a couple of years when he shot this. It was regarded for years as the only known film of London Trams in motion in colour taken at the time they were running. Since then I think some more colour films may have come to light. Note there are several shots of the War Memorial which would have been deeply emotive sight in the period after the 1914-18 War."

"Ridings" Model Trolleybus layout - 1
"Ridings" is a working trolleybus layout in 4mm scale, based on the systems of the West Riding of Yorkshire in the UK in the 1960's. Besides the trolleybus system, which has working overhead, "Ridings" also features working buses and trains.

Trolleybus King
Live wire Robin Male shows off his amazing home built model trolleybus set up.

John's Tram Layout
Model trains are great but take up so much room, a lot of us just haven't got. So, why not Trams? John's tram layout is 8ft x 3ft, and still allows interest and 'Play' factor. So give Trams a go!

West Porton model train, tram, trolleybus OO/HO layout
David Wood's British-themed OO/HO scale layout of a place known as 'West Porton'. Filmed by Simon Smiler at the 2009 Festival of Model Tramways.

West Porton - overhead wires finished!
Thanks to Bruce Lake in 2007 goading me into building a tram/trolleybus crossing both using overhead wires for their current! The junction looks like a drunken spider's web! Took it to the MBF meeting in Bristol [July] and the system worked fine throughout the day [but some vehicles were a bit tardy; settled in OK in the end]. So now that all the trolley routes are done and the tram overhead supply finished I can stroll off into the sunset. [ - - or not, perhaps?]. Checkout the replacement BUT/East Lancs buses made from drawings of Cardiff 6 wheelers.

Southampton Tram Restoration Project
Three old trams in Southampton are being restored to their former glory for a new waterfront museum and short heritage line. More on this Story.

Portsmouth trolleybuses - A nostalgic film
Sorry about the annoying advertisements at the beginning which take up a full minute of your time. Worth your wait for a trolleybus though for a compilation video of trolleybuses on Portsmouth's streets in the 1950s by bus enthusiast Matt Spanner.

London trolleybus route 654 in the Sutton area.
Trolleybuses on route 654 in Sutton, Surrey in the late 1950s.


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