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Trucks & Bogies
mechanisms to power your trams


My trucks are fitted with 16mm and 12mm diameter 00 fine scale wheels and are intended for running on Peco code 100 rails and may not perform well on proprietary tracks now available.

They are fitted with 12 volt DC motors ready to run on 32mm or 24.5mm track gauge.

I use two combinations of motor and gear sets in my motored trucks

  1. The LH21 motor and Ultrascale 21:1 brass/nylon gear set for light card and resin models. Overall truck height of only 19mm [below the lower deck floor].
  2. The H1024 motor and Markits 30:1 brass gear set for exhibition running and heavier models. With an overall truck height of 24.5mm these trucks protrude through the lower deck floor.

These motors have adequate power to propel a model tram and give better running with modern electronic control. Bogie sets can be supplied with both trucks powered to special order if required.

Fitted with a 12 Volt DC motor that is ready to run on 24.5mm or 32mm gauge track or other track gauges to special order.

4 WHEEL: C2, C4, C10, C12, C15, C16, C21, C23, C27, C31 and variants.
8 WHEEL: C3, C5, C6, C7, C9, C11, C13, C14, C17 to C20, C25, C26, C28, C29, C30, C32 and variants.

8-WHEEL TRUCKS - Each priced at £115.00 except C26 which is £140.00
4-WHEEL TRUCKS - Each priced at £95.00

8-WHEEL TRUCKS - Each priced at 115.00 except C26 which is £145.00
4-WHEEL TRUCKS - Each priced at 95.00

Add a further £5.00 to the above motored prices


  1. The price of any truck is influenced by the options selected. If in doubt about the total price, email me with your requirements.
  2. Truck prices also attract Postage & Packing charges and a payment fee if PayPal is used.
  3. All motored trucks can be made DCC "decoder ready" but the customer must stipulate this requirement when ordering as it affects the motor truck wiring.
  4. Trucks supplied should only be used on trackwork detailed on our specification sheet.

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