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Feltham Tramcar
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Robert Watkins 
Location: Cwmbran, Torfaen
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Hello Terry,
Just a line to congratulate you on such a superb website. It's three years since I wrote last and at risk of repeating myself, 33 years since I built my first of four models. I stick by your original materials and method (not that I build anything these days), but these new materials like nylon plastic are very tempting. That London E1 is beautiful. This car plus the Feltham remain my favourite trams.
I came to your website after reading about yet more intentional plans regarding the restoration or LCC No.1 at Crich. I have been waiting 32 years now for that tram to get back to operation after a full restoration, oh how I hope I will survive long enough to get a ride on it. My last trip to Crich was in 2002 for the London 50 year commemoration and I was thrilled to ride on LT 1622. It must be in a sorry state now, the longer it's left the more it will cost. One can only live in hope.
Take care of yourself and keep up the good work.

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