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Feltham Tramcar
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Norman McGill 
Location: Maidstone
Date and TimeMonday, 1. June 2015 14:01 Host: host86-134-196-182.range86-134.btcentralplus.com   Write a comment   Send E-mail

I was brought up in Aberdeen and have been hunting for a model of the 1939-1950 "streamliners" which I travelled on for years.. I found it at last on your site. However. why does the model have a trolley rather than the Fischer bow actually fitted to the real thing? Pity-quite spoils it.
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Terry Russell 
Location: Cowfold
Date and TimeSunday, 29. March 2015 11:45 IP: 82-69-72-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk   Write a comment   Send E-mail

Hello James,

I am very sorry but at 81 I am not considering any new products especially away from 0 scale. There is a problem as I am the only person left now who is providing any scratch built accessories in the large scales so I am afraid you will have to run your model 2-rail on "conduit" as the LCC cars did and still be prototypical.

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James Stevens 
Location: Australia
Date and TimeSunday, 29. March 2015 11:21 Host: CPE-121-216-224-195.lnse3.ken.bigpond.net.au   Write a comment   Send E-mail

Hi Terry,

There seems to be very little available in G scale for LCC tram poles and catenary.

Would you be considering tram poles and catenary in G scale to compliment the recent issue of the G scale LCC tram.
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Robert Watkins 
Location: Cwmbran, Torfaen
Date and TimeFriday, 19. September 2014 12:39 Host: cpc7-cwbn3-2-0-cust162.5-1.cable.virginm.net   Write a comment   Send E-mail

Hello Terry,
Just a line to congratulate you on such a superb website. It's three years since I wrote last and at risk of repeating myself, 33 years since I built my first of four models. I stick by your original materials and method (not that I build anything these days), but these new materials like nylon plastic are very tempting. That London E1 is beautiful. This car plus the Feltham remain my favourite trams.
I came to your website after reading about yet more intentional plans regarding the restoration or LCC No.1 at Crich. I have been waiting 32 years now for that tram to get back to operation after a full restoration, oh how I hope I will survive long enough to get a ride on it. My last trip to Crich was in 2002 for the London 50 year commemoration and I was thrilled to ride on LT 1622. It must be in a sorry state now, the longer it's left the more it will cost. One can only live in hope.
Take care of yourself and keep up the good work.
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John Woodhouse 
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date and TimeSaturday, 23. November 2013 18:35 Host: CPE000a9583d622-CM001bd7aa8538.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com   Write a comment   Send E-mail

Thank you very much Terry for your inspirational website and efforts in support of tram modelling.

I built tram models as a teenager out of card and wood. Am now approaching retirement and would like to take it up again as a hobby. I'm well pleased with the Birmingham tram plans I ordered from your website so will likely be ordering more and maybe some model tram parts from you as well.

Best Wishes to you Terry and do keep up the good work!

Sincerely, John Woodhouse

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