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News about Southampton's Trams 11 and 38

Two of Southampton's old municipal trams have been moved through the city to the new 15m Aeronautica Museum. Trams 38 and 11 were moved from Southampton City Council's Heritage Collection to the museum's workshop where they will be fully restored to their former glory.

These two trams will be the first of a small fleet of trams to operate on a proposed heritage line operating between Town Quay and Berth 50. Tram 11 was built in 1923 and is the sole surviving dome roofed car specifically designed to pass under the arch of the Bargate. It is quite a "unique" tram being the last of 51 of its type to survive and considered to be of "national importance".

The project is to transform the historic Trafalgar Dry Dock into a maritime and aviation heritage attraction called Aeronautica which will incorporate the existing Solent Sky Museum.

Recent information on this project can be found on the British Trams Online web site.


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